Understanding Incidents


You'll be provided an overview of the most important information about incidents.

Ongoing Incidents

You can view ongoing incidents listed under this section.

Resolved Incidents

You can view resolved incidents listed under this section.

Name and URL

You can view the name and the URL of the monitor where the incident is happening.

To see the details, you can click on the name or the URL of the monitor.

Ongoing and resolved incident details are provided here. The monitor's name and the URL where the incident is happening are also available at first glance.

Indicates the start point of the incident.

Indicates the status of the incident whether it's ongoing or resolved.

Indicates the severity of the incident. In this way, you will take action accordingly.

You can find more information about the incident such as when the incident started and what caused the incident.


You can easily acknowledge the incident. Furthermore, you can create a rule for an incident to bypass acknowledgments.

Keep in mind that acknowledging the incident will stop further escalations to the next steps if they are not configured to bypass acknowledgment. You can also unacknowledge the incident, which will reactive the escalation to the next steps.

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