What is MonSpark?

MonSpark is a web application monitoring product that is used by users in over 120 countries. It allows users to monitor the uptime, functionality, and content changes of their website and web applications. MonSpark can send alerts via email, SMS, and even voice call within a minute if it detects any issues or problems. This helps website owners and administrators stay informed and take prompt action to ensure the smooth running of their website or web application.

Are you offering a free trial?

Yes, we do offer a free trial, although it is not fully automated at the moment. If you would like to try it out, please feel free to contact us and we can provide it for you.

What is a monitor?

Monitor is a tool that tracks the availability, functionality, and content changes of a website or web application. MonSpark's monitoring system can check for issues such as downtime, slow page load times, broken links, and changes to webpage content.

What is a Status Page?

A Status Page is a web page that displays the current status of a website or web application, as well as any recent incidents or issues. Status Pages are typically used by website owners or administrators to provide transparency and keep their users informed about any problems or downtime. (e.g: https://status.monspark.com)

How do I set up MonSpark to monitor my website or web application?

Setting up MonSpark to monitor your website or web application is easy. You need to create a MonSpark account, add your website or web application, and configure the monitoring settings. Once done, MonSpark will start monitoring your website or web application and send alerts if any issues are detected.

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